Hi! This is Hannah’s dad. I just wanted to say how thankful we were for the opportunity to visit such a wonderful city, in San Antonio, and such an amazing place like Morgan’s. This trip would not have been possible if it weren’t for Project Angel Fares. So thank you, Hannah is 12 and has many challenges. She is non-verbal. She can’t walk. There are other difficulties as well. But she is full of smiles, which in turn, brings smiles to those she meets. On this particular trip, it was you bringing smiles to our faces. From the flight, to our arrival, to the hotel, to Morgan’s and then Sea World and finally, the Alamo… we were met with such kindness. These are memories that will easily last forever. Most of all, Hannah… who doesn’t always have the easiest time outside of her comfort zone… was treated like a princess. She most enjoyed the water park portion of Morgan’s. She loves the water. Morgan’s is beyond perfect for children who are not able to enjoy the other amusement parks around the world. It is something that every child with special needs should visit. And because of Project Angel Fares, Hannah was able to do that. So once again, we say thank you… Hannah’s Family!