Gracie and our family traveled to San Antonio from Ohio in June 2018.  This incredible trip was a tremendous blessing to us, coming at a time when a chance to refresh and reset was truly needed. Gracie had just come through a season filled with many health challenges, and though she was improving, we were emotionally and physically tired.  But our family- especially Gracie- was completely recharged when we visited Morgan’s Wonderland!  It was heart-warming to be in a place that not only accommodated Gracie’s needs, but easily allowed her to experience every aspect of the park. Enjoying the many attractions was effortlessness and worry-free (which all special-needs families know is a true rarity!). Gracie loved the carousel, train, wheelchair swing, Ferris wheel and waterpark. We were thrilled to be able to do everything as a family with no limitations! Our experience at Morgan’s Wonderland is unmatched by anything else we’ve ever done!
While in San Antonio, we were also able to visit Sea World and explore some of the beautiful city- added bonuses to our wonderful day at Morgan’s.
Project Angel Fares did more than grant us an amazing vacation to a one-of-a-kind amusement park; they renewed our spirits and gave us irreplaceable, quality time together as a family.  The memories of our trip continue to inspire us and make us smile. Thank you, Project Angel Fares and Morgan’s Wonderland for these life-changing moments!
–Mike, Sarah, Gracie, and Carter