May of 2018 was still cold in Wisconsin, but our hearts and our bodies were warmed by an amazing group of people who treated us to a vacation in South Texas that we will never, ever forget. Project Angel Fares thought of every detail – from greeting us at the airport, providing us with  transportation and lodging, and even vouchers for food and area attractions. Our only ‘job’ was to enjoy ourselves, and that is exactly what we did! Morgan’s Wonderland – words fail to describe the true impact it had for each and every one of our family members. Walking in the door and finding over 20 people welcoming us and cheering for Evonne- well, I will never forget that smile on her face. She felt the love and care as soon as we arrived, and throughout our whole day at the park.

As a family, we have always enjoyed amusement parks. But Evonne is a teenager, and it’s been years since we’ve been able to lift her lift her into rides. So we just walk around and watch others play in the water and ride the rides. She doesn’t complain about doing that, but it always leaves me feeling sad for her. She cannot sit, stand or hold her head up, and because she is legally blind the noise and crowds can easily intimidate her even though she loves to get out and about. Morgan’s Wonderland was perfect – the music was soothing and fun to listen to rather than raucous, the atmosphere was toned way down from a typical park and you have to look for the food areas, they don’t scream out to you from around every corner. Our 18 year old son can easily  get overwhelmed with crowds and noise, so this park was truly a safe haven for him as well. And the rides – we were able to wheel  right onto them, there was room for us besides, and off we went!  What a fun family day this was. The waterpark – private changing areas for people who need to be on a table, special wheelchairs so Evonne could charge through the water with all the other kids; it was such a joyful experience.

Evonne truly loved Sharon from Project Angel Fares – she was treated like the Princess she truly is 🙂 by everyone involved, and we have memories that none of us will ever forget. Thank you to each and every person who made this trip possible. It was such a gift, and your generous hearts certainly filled ours.